Thursday 19 May 2011

JTS arrives in JavaScript

As I predicted back in 2008, JTS has now colonized the JavaScript ecosystem, thanks to the work of Bjorn Hartell on JSTS. At least, the project has been launched - it's a bit unclear as to how much functionality is actually there.

I hope to see some slick browser-based UI clients pop up, using Canvas or perhaps SVG?

The language scorecard for JTS now looks like:

[Update: Jan 31 2013] - Added R to the list

Wednesday 4 May 2011

FOSS4G is the place to be!

FOSS4G 2011 is happening in Denver this September.

I've submitted two abstracts for presentations:

Spatial Processing using JEQL

JEQL is a simple yet powerful language designed for expressing spatial (and non-spatial) processes. It follows the Table-Oriented Programming paradigm and provides a SQL-like query language. This talk gives an overview of JEQL and show some examples of its use.

What's New in JTS

The JTS Topology Suite has had numerous improvements in the past few versions. These include performance improvements, bug fixes and new functionality such as Delaunay Triangulation, Single-Sided Buffers, and Hausdorff Distance. This talk will discuss the new features, and demonstrate them using the JTS TestBuilder utility. Potential further features will be presented for discussion.

Vote early, vote often - and vote for me!

See you in Denver....