Friday, 14 March 2008

Quote of the (Pi) Day

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling
In sacred truth and rigid spelling
Numerical sprites elucidate
For me the lexicon's full weight

Maybe not the greatest lyric poem - but list the number of letters in each word. (If you prefer a shortcut this site has them already listed - along with 9, 979 more)

And notice the value of the date as MM.DD...


Tim Bowden said...

The temptation was way too much to bear. It's tortured, but it fits (at least number wise).

Why, I call, I query
petitions to sanity
quick now reply
repartee wisecrack written

Rejoinder now to win
argument firm sweeps to
lances true aim hit
destroys all my targets

Recanting waste - Ah!
strongly building true
a battalion defence
I gather repelling you

Attacking halfscore ode
victory marks I -
dying opponent lo -
rejoicing riposte here

Dr JTS said...

Not bad, not bad... I sense a contest here - "Best Lyric Poetry encoding an irrational constant".

Or how about the great PI novel - there's a challenge for someone!
(Maybe the same guy that wrote the novel which didn't use the letter 'e')

Tim Bowden said...

The problem with such a contest is the winner is likely to take a reputation hit; "You wasted how much time doing THAT?" Otherwise it might be fun (for certain limited definitions of fun). I found myself searching outside my normal vocab and language constructions quite a few times which was interesting.

As for the novel, I'll leave that to whatever idiot savant wants to go down that path. I won't read it either.