Tuesday, 4 November 2008


After seeing this post on Wordle, I had to try it....

and there's no stopping at just one...


Jonathan said...

I quite like that first one with the black background.

Regina Obe said...


This looks neat. Did give me a wordstorm - I wonder what it would look like if you created a 3 dimensional mesh

1) Axis the Levenshtein axis
2) The semantic axis
3) The soundex axis

Hmm what would that look like graphically.

Dr JTS said...

It's a cool app alright..

It seems to have some aspects of map labelling - I wonder what technical approach he uses?

Regina Obe said...

Hmm - you are right didn't notice that. It looks like Jonathan Feinberg lives in Boston too.

I guess Boston/Cambridge MA area is the the centroid of human thought. :)