Tuesday, 25 August 2009

JTS - Links to Geometry APIs and papers

Motivated by a thread on the GEOS list about the Boost.Polygon library, I've added some new resources to the JTS web site, including:
  • a list of geometry APIs
  • a section of references to papers about topics in Computational Geometry which are relevant to JTS.
The resources have been factored out onto this page.

Over the years of working with JTS I've read a ton of interesting and sometimes even useful academic papers about aspects of Computational Geometry. I hope to start documenting these on this page, perhaps with some (no doubt opinionated) comments about applicability. A treasure trove for Geometry geeks!


Morten Nielsen said...

I didn't realize my blog (SharpGIS) was using JTS ??!? Did you mean SharpMap?

Dr JTS said...

Um - probably! I'll fix it...