Monday, 1 March 2010

JTS Version 1.11 released!

JTS Version 1.11 is now available for download from SourceForge.

The version contains numerous enhancements, including

  • Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi diagrams
  • AWT Shape reading and writing
  • Geometry similarity metrics
  • support for Geometry densification
  • Numerous improvements to the JTS TestBuilder

Full release notes:

Functionality Improvements

  • Added CoordinateArrays.isRing
  • Added CGAlgorithms.signedArea(CoordinateSequence)
  • Added CoordinateArrays.copyDeep(...) method to copy sections of arrays
  • Added CoordinateList.add(Coordinate[], boolean, int, int) method to add sections of arrays
  • Added LineSegment.toGeometry(), LineSegment.lineIntersection()()
  • Added LineSegment.hashCode()
  • Added geometric similarity classes (HausdorffSimilarityMeasure, AreaSimilarityMeasure)
  • Added MinimumDiameter.getMinimumRectangle()
  • Added MinimumBoundingCircle class
  • Added Densifier class
  • Added triangulation API, including QuadEdgeSubdivision, IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator, ConformingDelaunayTriangulator and supporting classes
  • Added VoronoiDiagramBuilder to perform Voronoi diagram generation
  • Added scaleInstance(scaleX, scaleY, x, y) to AffineTransformation
  • Added AffineTransformationFactory to allow generating transformations from various kinds of control inputs
  • Added BinTree.remove() method
  • Fixed BinTree.query() to allow null interval arguments
  • Added ShapeReader API to convert Java2D Shapes into JTS Geometry
  • Added ShapeWriter API to convert JTS geometry into Java2D Shapes
  • Added FontGlyphReader API to render Java2D text font glyphs into geometry
  • Added SdeReader to jtsio library
  • Added Debug break methods
  • Added Memory utility for reporting memory statistics
  • Added ObjectCounter utility for counting objects
  • Added createSquircle and createSuperCircle to GeometricShapeFactory

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of Geometry.getArea() and Geometry.getLength() when used with custom CoordinateSequences

API Changes

  • Deprecated WKBWriter.bytesToHex in favour of WKBWriter.toHexto regularize and simplify method name

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Point.isValid() to check for invalid coordinates (ie with Nan ordinates)
  • Fixed Geometry.distance() and DistanceOp to return 0.0 for empty inputs
  • Fixed Buffer to handle degenerate polygons with too few distinct points correctly
  • Added illegal state check in LineSegment.pointAlongOffset()
  • Fixed exception strategy in BufferSubgraph to handle certain robustness failures correctly
  • Fixed robustness problem in OffsetCurveBuilder in computing mitred joins for nearly parallel segments
  • Fixed minor bug in BufferInputLineSimplifier which prevented simplification of some situations
  • Fixed bug in BufferInputLineSimplifier which caused over-simplification for large tolerances
  • Fixed bug in Angle.normalizePositive to handle values > 2PI correctly
  • Fixed WKTWriter to emit correct syntax for MULTIPOINTs
  • Fixed WKTReader to accept correct syntax for MULTIPOINTs
  • CGAlgorithms.isCCW now checks for too few points in the ring and throws an IllegalArgumentException
  • Fixed bug in AffineTransformation#eqals (logic bug)
  • Fixed bug in CoordinateList#closeRing (cloning closing Coordinate)

JTS TestBuilder

Functionality Improvements

  • WKT input is cleaned automatically when loaded (illegal chars are removed)
  • Added WKT-Formatted option to Test Case View dialog
  • Many new geometry functions added
  • Geometry functions are displayed in tree
  • Geometry functions can be implemented as Java static class methods.
  • Geometry function classes can be loaded dynamically from command-line
  • Improved handling of very large geometry inputs and results
  • Threaded rendering allows display of very large geometries without limiting usability
  • Added Draw Rectangle tool
  • Added Drag-n-drop loading of .SHP files
  • Added Info tool to provide persistent display of geometry point/segment information
  • Added display of memory usage


Regina Obe said...

Wow what an impressive release. Congrats.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Martin !
This release will soon take place in OpenJUMP distribution.
But it's already on my box. I'm impatient to learn more and to test new stuff ;-)


Dave said...

I agree - looks like a lot of good improvements!

Congrats on the release!

Unknown said...


JTS is the seminal open source project that has been the foundation of all that is good about open source spatial.

It is great to see another release that I look forward to using.