Wednesday 7 April 2010

Twitter heart JTS

At least, that's what it looks like from their presentation on Handling Real-Time Datastreams at the recent Where 2.0.

They note that JTS does not have support for GeoRSS or GeoJSON. Actually there is a GeoJSON implementation sitting in the labs - but it really needs some funding to get it finished off (hint, hint, Twitter - what, you think this groovy open-source spatial stuff just codes itself?)

And as usual people have not noticed that the real source for JTS information is on the new home page and the Sourceforge site - not this stale web page. Sigh... if only URLs had expiry dates.


sgillies said...

I'm changing hrefs in my JTS links now. A 301 redirect might be called for?

Frank Hardisty said...

Martin and All,

I've thought about this a bit. The best thing would be if the Vivid Software site would redirect, as sgillies suggests. Next best would be a "news" item that notes the existence of the new site, they could do that, right?

Past that, if you get lots of people to link to the new site, that would work. I'll do my bit.

You should also consider putting the URL of the new home page in as a footer to every JTS message board posting -- that would spread the word and multiply the number of correct links. Normally link spamming is annoying, but I think it would be appropriate publicity considering the circumstances.



Dr JTS said...

Good idea about the footer to JTS list posts, Frank. I'll see if I can add that in the list admin interface.

Next time I'm talking to the Vivid guys I'll see if they can put a link to the current JTS sites on their page.