Thursday, 3 March 2011

GeoGeeks presentation on Geometry Libraries

Paul Ramsey has been doing his usual excellent work of promoting geo-geekery by setting up a Victoria GeoGeeks Meetup. Tonight I gave a presentation on Geometry Libraries for Fun and Profit.

I was intending to give it back-to-back with a presentation on JTS, to make the whole subject more concrete - but I rambled on for so long I was yanked from the stage before I could start on the second one! That's actually good, since it will give me time to polish up the presentation a bit more. In the meantime, the current slide deck is here: JTS - A Libary for Geometry Processing.


Regina Obe said...

You forgot about the other PostgreSQL -- JASPA.

Nice slides though -- check out our slides from our "NCGIS: PostGIS, SQL Server and JASPA comparison"

Dr JTS said...

Good point, Regina. I haven't really kept up with JASPA, but it looks like it's really moving ahead. You're absolutely right about the doc being fanstastic!