Monday, 6 June 2011

Java gets Reheated at OSCON

It's good to see that O'Reilly is adding a Java flavour to the OSCON conference. They have a good blog post highlighting why they think Java (and the JVM) is still one of the most important programming platforms around, especially for open source development.

Some of the interesting Java projects that will be covered at the conference are:
  • Incanter, a Clojure-based statistics library (this project is particularly interesting to me, since it overlaps with some of the target space of JEQL)
  • Gradle, a Groovy DSL for building, testing, and deploying software
  • Jenkins, a continuous integration platform
  • Neo4J, a graph database
Some may think that Java is entering the Red Giant phase of language evolution, but it still has the capacity to throw off some powerful solar flares. The longer the coffee pot sits on the stove, the stronger it gets...

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