Friday, 11 May 2007

Getting in before it's over!

Not wanting to be the very last person in the world to be exposing their innermost secrets, I am finally getting around to staking my patch 'o turf in the blogosphere. Reason:

  • Gotta check out just how cool Google & Web 22.0 can make this experience (never mind that I hate the term Web 2.0 - that's a topic for another post)
  • Mucho cool stuff happening in the spatial world, which obviously needs me to comment on it
  • can't resist the challenge of coming up with a blog title that no-one else has. Took a couple of tries, but serendipity came to the rescue. Yeah it's syntax-geeky, but hey - that's what this blog is all about. Who was it who said "After syntax, all the rest is details"? Oh - it was me.

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